Welcome to Whitharral Independent School District. This is the home of the Proud Panthers on the World Wide Web. Our school has an enrollment of around 180 students in grades K-12. This enrollment includes many transfer students from area towns.

Whitharral is located on U.S. Highway 385 ten miles north of Levelland in north central Hockley County.  The area surrounding Whitharral has a rich history in farming and oil production.

Whitharral ISD prides itself on its "Commitment to Excellence" and has a strong winning tradition in both academics and athletics.  The administration, faculty, and staff work hard to prepare students in all grades for a successful life beyond public school.

Please check out Whitharral's ISD Facebook page to see current events!  

District of Innovation Plan:

The next few weeks will be very busy!  Please have students get plenty of sleep the next two weeks and have big breakfasts as they take the next round of STAAR/EOC tests.

Yearbooks are currently on sale.  Please contact Mrs. Malmberg for more information.  In addition, if you are in search of a yearbook from previous years, please see Mrs. Malmberg for a good deal. 

Mr. McCollister will need to meet with the parents and students of all current 8th graders and 9th graders to fill out their graduation plan.  It won’t take 10 minutes per student.  Please email back, call or stop by and we will set up a time.

Don’t forget to like the Whitharral Facebook page.  Many pictures from events are posted there.    

•5/7 US History EOC

•5/8 Biology EOC

•5/9 Algebra EOC

•5/10 6th-8th UIL Field Trip

•5/11-12 Area Convention

•Transfer letters have been sent out for students not residing in district.  Please return the letter with all the information filled out to the school’s office.  If you did not get a letter please, contact the school’s office.  

•New scholarships are out on the front table.  There is a College Information tab on the Whitharral ISD Home Page that has just been added.  This tab provides great information for scholarships, Career Aptitude Tests, and ACT/SAT websites.  Please take time and check this information out and check often for new updates.  Now is the time to be preparing for life after high school.

As STAAR approaches, please remember a good night’s sleep and eating a good breakfast are very important.  The students and teachers have done great preparing for these tests!   

Looking ahead:

•      5/14, 6-7 Math STAAR

•      5/15, 3-4-6-7 Reading STAAR

•      5/16, 5/8 Science STAAR

•      5/17, 8th Social Studies STAAR

•      5/17 FFA Banquet

•      5/18 K-5 End of the Year Celebration

•      5/19 Prom

•      5/23 Elementary talent show in the Auditorium @ 12:15

•      5/24 Kindergarten Graduation

•      5/25 Early Out, Elementary Awards, and Graduation

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